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Tips on Making the Most Out of Your Spare Room

a modern room décor

You might have noticed that bedrooms and living rooms get all the glory, but what about your spare rooms? If you’re planning a home remodeling project to spruce things up, it might be time to turn your spare room into a cozy retreat.

You can accomplish a lot of comfort by adding dreamy curtains, ornate furnishings, and installing brand-new floors that exude contemporary bliss.

Read ahead to learn all the tips on making the most of your spare room.

Turn it into a Walk-In Closet

Every girl dreams of a luxurious walk-in closet. It’s an excellent way to inject a dose of luxury into your home and have a designated space just for your clothes.
You can start by adding in a few additional shelves and use them to organize your clothes, collection of shoes, handbags, or even jewelry. Install some extra light fixtures to accentuate the charm of your brand-new walk-in closet, and you can even add a scene-stealing dressing table and a chair with marquetry.

If you’re someone who wants their closet space to reflect their personality, consider getting custom-made cabinets and add tufted ottomans as a nod to old-time glamor.

Craft a WFH Office Space

a home office with wooden floors.
When you have the freedom to convert your spare room into any type of space that you like, then why not an organized WFH space?

Craft a formal work environment by opting for a fresh coat of paint in rich shades of red, emerald, or something neutral-toned like beige or white. Consider installing new wooden floors to breathe new life into your space, and you can also consider installing floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize light.

Add postmodern rosewood barrel chairs and gold sconces to add a subtle cool factor to your room. Don’t forget to accessorize with colorful Art Deco rugs, floor lamps, and iron and marble garden tables for a room that sparks joy.

Add More Room

If you’re not worried about budget, the best thing you can do is expand the space in your spare room. Expanding the space isn’t just an excellent way to amplify your property value but will also give you a chance to think outside the box and craft a brand-new room.

The possibilities are endless: you can create an entertainment room, a luxurious bathroom or bedroom, a walk-in shower, or even a home theatre to spend a memorable time with your family.

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