Welcome to Quality Design & Construction

Quality Design & Construction is an award winning full service Design/Build general contractor specializing in residential remodeling. We have been servicing the Triangle area of North Carolina since 1994.

By personally hiring and training our own full time staff, we have better control over timeliness, precision and accuracy through the entire course of the project.

Adam B

Dave, Peggy and Co. have consistently exceed our requirements .Judy likes Quality because everyone is easy to work with and wants to help.

Our first project was six years ago. Judy wanted a screened in porch .I was concerned about the "Pollen Problem" we have in the "City of Oaks" every springtime .Dave said he could solve that problem with Easy Breeze. He did! We have a three season room which we love all year long.

Then 3 years later we did the Master bedroom bath. That won an award.
(No curb to the walk in shower, in case if one of us needs a walker later on.)

Kitchen/dining room was the last project. Some folks who came to our house on the Remodelers Tour said it was the best kitchen on the tour. Peggy submitted it for an award this year .I hope they get it.

David B

Fortunately, someone recommended Quality Design & Construction to me at the turn of the century. They have designed and built (or rebuilt) the traditional: my bathroom, kitchen, second bathroom, and a Timbertech® deck (with a brick path to my workshop); the routine: replacing all windows, build a roof cricket (to finally direct rain properly), joists and other repairs (including patching and painting) per building inspection reports and a wheel chair ramp (when we needed one); the unusual: a Timbertech® bridge over Honey Brook with an attached pergola; and the strange: a large pot for black bamboo (twelve feet long by three feet wide by 30 inches deep with six inch poured concrete walls), which has contained the bamboo for six years (so far). With pleasure, I recommend Quality Design and Construction. You, too, will be pleased.

Paula M

This business is great to work with and attentive to the customer's needs. I know that just telling you that I've hired them 4 different times for big projects on my house may not get your attention, but the final results will. Owner/designer, Dave Mackowski transformed my tiny sketch into a fabulous "she shed" for an even more grand studio space than I could have dreamed. His team is composed of finely tuned craftspeople!

Claire M

Quality Design and Construction has done 2 projects for us, a kitchen remodel and sunroom renovation. They do excellent work, from the design to construction to painting and finish work. I would not hesitate to call them again with another project, if the need arises.

Patricia A

I have worked with QDC for the past 20 years off and on with projects from minor repairs to major projects such as a complete kitchen re-do. Most recently they Did a completely re-do of my master bathroom to perfection! I can't say enough about theie expertise, craftsmanship and professionalism and I will continue to use their services in the future if need be. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need.