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Our Design/Build Process

Our Process

Our Process

You’ve probably thought of remodeling at least a dozen times. That up-to-date kitchen or downstairs master suite you’ve always promised yourself could become a reality. But then that terrifying question surfaces: What if . . .? Relax. We will walk you through the process step-by-step.

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Doesn’t that sound nice? After all, David and Peggy Mackowski, owners of Quality Design & Construction, are Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists. That means we can help you plan for the future and have your home work for you. It may take widening doorways to accommodate a wheelchair, install motorized lifts on a staircase, and completely retrofit bathrooms with curbless shower stalls and kitchens to ensure you’re able to live independently. Hopefully, you’ll never need universal design features in your home, but it’s nice to be prepared. Plus, most of these features including light fixtures, door handles and other design elements are stylish and modern.

How Does The Process Work?

How Does The Process Work?

Let’s say your design for a remodeled living space has overcome your fears. Now that you’ve decided to remodel, what happens next? Good question.


First things first: when you phone our office, we gather basic information about your project, then visit you to survey the property and evaluate your home, spending between one and two hours.


Next: Quality Design & Construction will prepare a design contract which not only provides you with a sketch of your project (dimensions, descriptions of updates). A retainer is charged for this service since we’re investing time designing your project. Please visit some of our project pages to see what type of detail is included in these designs.


We’ll gather measurements, take digital pictures, and note potential challenges, desired components and finishes, all of which are downloaded into our computer. This information helps us create a floorplan of your project which you can easily view on our large screen projection system at our office. Is this what you want? Is it what we discussed?

When we all agree on the concept, we will put together a preliminary estimate for the work involved. This will help ensure that both the financial and construction aspects of the project meet your expectations. Then it is time for you to go shopping for the specific products you want included in the final contract. Happy Shopping!

Once you’re OK and finalize the preliminaries, we will meet to sign the construction contract. After signing the construction contract we will complete the work that is required to change the preliminary drawings into construction drawings containing elevations, demolition, framing, electrical, finishes, etc. that covers all the facets of the project. If at the time of signing the contract all the specific finish items for the entire project have not been selected, do not worry. We will put the remaining items into an allowance that will adjust as you finish your selections.

Once the construction drawings are signed, we’ll apply for the required permits. Then, our construction crews meet in a pre-construction meeting. Plans are reviewed and issues discussed. We think it’s a good idea for each person that’s going to work on your project to know just as much as we do about your expectations and needs.

We use the highest quality craftsmen in the industry. We’ve worked with them for years and their standards of quality match our own. Regardless of which project component is underway – plumbing, drywall, electric, masonry or HVAC installation – it will be handled with precision and accuracy each and every time.

While we can’t promise no delays (it’s the nature of the business when dealing with different suppliers, not to mention forces of nature), we can promise we’ll be there every step of the way, our project manager keeping you informed, answering questions and making adjustments as needed. This person also works with each crew member to avert delays and anticipate changes.

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