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Interior & Exterior Whole House

Whole House Renovation / Interior & Exterior Whole House

Enjoy the indoors & outdoors!

What homeowner wouldn’t appreciate the luxury of a charming patio nestled in the front yard of their home? Picture this – a serene haven where one can unwind, savoring the sights and sounds of the world passing by, while effortlessly preparing a delectable evening meal in their very own outdoor kitchen.

Our home exterior remodeling project in Raleigh kicked off on the first floor, with the heart of the home – the kitchen. We embarked on a journey of transformation, starting with the installation of stunning cherry cabinets and a captivating island, both sourced from the esteemed Showplace Wood Products. Adorned with exquisite River White granite countertops, this culinary oasis became an alluring and highly functional workspace. The addition of sleek stainless-steel appliances and tasteful tile flooring perfectly complemented the new tile backsplash, culminating in an attractive and efficient setting that transcends mere aesthetics.

But our quest for revitalization did not stop there. To enhance the seamless flow from one room to another, we created a cased opening in the wall between the family room and the living room, effortlessly enhancing the sense of interconnectedness throughout the home. Even the powder room underwent a magnificent makeover, as we painstakingly stripped wallpaper, revived the space with fresh coats of paint, and meticulously refinished the elegant hardwood floors, breathing new life into every inch of the dwelling. En route to the second floor, we even embarked on the remodeling of the stately staircase, accentuating its grandeur.

Ascending to the second floor, we unveiled a newly remodeled guest bathroom exuding both elegance and comfort, complete with a thoughtfully crafted tub/shower combination that seamlessly adjoins an inviting laundry room. The owner’s bedroom proved to be a haven of convenience, with a carefully integrated broom cabinet featuring an embedded ironing board. The double vanity, adorned with a majestic tower fashioned from Showplace cabinetry, imparted a touch of opulence and sophistication to this personal sanctuary.

But here’s the delightful surprise – even our feline friends found contentment in their own little world! A special “kitty” bathroom was thoughtfully designed and nestled under the master bathroom’s tub deck, ensuring that every member of the household would find their own realm of serenity and comfort.

Throughout the entire house, we harnessed the unrivaled versatility of Showplace cabinetry, seamlessly incorporating these finely crafted pieces into the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and even a custom desk – a testament to the enduring elegance and exceptional functionality that this esteemed brand offers.

So, if you’re seeking top-notch home exterior remodeling services, look no further. Embark on the journey of transformation and indulge in the sheer joy of witnessing your dreams unfold, right here in Raleigh.

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