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Catering Kitchen Fit For
Board Of Directors

Commercial Projects / Catering Kitchen Fit For Board Of Directors

Upon our arrival on the scene, we couldn’t help but notice that the kitchen, which had been built just a year prior, lacked meticulous planning. Situated in downtown Raleigh, this modern kitchen serves as a bustling catering hub for a Board of Directors, accommodating their diverse culinary requirements. Determined to upgrade its functionality and aesthetics, we embarked on a transformative journey to breathe new life into this space.

We began by meticulously selecting and installing new flooring, carefully choosing materials that not only enhance the kitchen’s visual appeal but also ensure durability and ease of maintenance. As we progressed, we introduced custom-designed Showplace cabinetry, crafted with precision and attention to detail, providing abundant storage solutions for the various cookware, utensils, and ingredients required for the culinary masterpieces prepared here.

To further elevate the capabilities of this culinary haven, we integrated state-of-the-art appliances that embody cutting-edge technology. From advanced stovetops with precise temperature control to energy-efficient ovens that are as reliable as they are sleek, we left no stone unturned in selecting the best appliances to empower the chefs who work their magic in this space.

Understanding the importance of organization, we implemented well-placed refrigeration units in the buffet area, ensuring ingredients are kept fresh and readily accessible for the preparation of delightful dishes. Additionally, we meticulously designed and integrated a highly efficient garbage station, perfectly positioned to streamline waste disposal and maintain the pristine cleanliness of this culinary sanctuary.

The outcome of our dedicated efforts? A meticulously reimagined kitchen space that not only addresses the initial planning pitfalls but also caters to the diverse needs of its users, granting them unparalleled functionality, ease of use, and an ambiance that fosters creativity and culinary excellence. Every detail has been purposefully considered to create an environment where culinary dreams can truly come to life, leaving both the chefs and their discerning guests in awe of this remarkable transformation.

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