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How much does a stove or oven cost in 2024?

How much does a stove or oven cost in 2024

Are you dreaming of baking a Cake or a yummy Pizza and Unfortunately your Stove or Oven is not working fine? It’s time to update your appliances. When it comes to essential kitchen appliances, stoves, and ovens remain at the top of the list. We are here to guide you regarding the appropriate price ranges of the appliances your kitchen deserves, along with all the factors that influence the price of stoves and ovens in the United States in 2024.

Factors that affect the prices of Stoves and Ovens:

  • Type of Appliance: The more advanced the appliance, the more expensive the price range. The type of stove or oven you choose will significantly impact the price. Different types like Gas, Electric, and induction models have different prices.
  • Features and Technology: Advanced features like self-cleaning, smart connectivity, and convection cooking, technology can highly influence the price.
  • Size and Capacity: The more capacity an oven has, the more highly-priced it is.
  • Energy- efficiency: Advanced stoves and ovens are more costly to buy, but they can definitely save utility bills for you.

What Price Ranges can I expect in 2024:

Living in a Pinterest world, and admiring new kitchen appliances design every time you scroll your phone? To decide which stove and oven provide efficient functionality, is pleasing to your kitchen, and most importantly under your budget. You must have a remarkable understanding of appliances. According to the HomeGuide, the breakdown of the prices of various types of Stoves and Ovens in 2024 are:

Gas Stoves:

The models of the appliances influence the prices. The most basic models range from $500-$900. Mid-range are priced around $1000-$1300; the high-end models range from $1300-$3000. Gas stoves are most commonly preferred as the flame makes it easier to judge the heat. Most gas stoves have four to five burners of different sizes.

Electric Stoves:

The basic models range from $400- $800. The Mid-Range models range from $800- $1,500 and the high-end models range from $1500- $3000. The electric stoves and ovens are known for their simple usage, making them convenient. They have at least one high-power burner along with expandable dual or triple elements and can be easily switched between high power and low power. It also consists of a warming element keeping the dishes warm for a longer time.

Induction Stove:

The induction stove and ovens are sleek, and precise, providing a minimal look to your kitchen. The Mid-Range Models are priced around $1,200-$2,500, while the High-end models are priced at $2,500- $5,000+. They are very similar to electric cooktops, except that they cook via a magnetic field and their capabilities are very quick. The stoves and ovens are highly advanced having Wi-Fi connectivity and an in-built camera inside ovens to observe whatever you are baking. Like everything comes with its cons, the drawback of these appliances is they might be very heavy on your pockets, and replacing them would be costly.

Types of Ovens:

  • Conventional Ovens: These are also called traditional ovens. The basic conventional ovens are priced at $300-$800. The mid-range with additional features is priced at $800-$1500. Lastly, the high-end are $1500 and above. These ovens use heating elements to generate heat. They are versatile and can be used for baking, and roasting.
  • Convection Ovens:

Basic model: $400-$1000.

Mid-range with additional features and larger capacity: $1000-$2000.

High-end convection smart ovens: $2000 above. The convection ovens consist of a fan and exhaust system to get rid of the excess heat, promoting faster and even cooking.

  • Microwave Ovens:

Various microwave ovens have different price ranges based on their functioning and their aesthetic designs.

Countertop microwaves: $100-$300.

Over-the-range microwave ovens (built-in venting): $200-$500.

Built-in microwave Ovens (installed into cabinetry): $300-$1000 above.

Microwave ovens, use electromagnetic radiation called Microwaves, to heat food quickly and efficiently. Microwaves are your go-to option to reheat your delicious leftover food or to defrost frozen foods. However, these are not advised to be used for baking and roasting.

  • Steam Ovens:

Convection Ovens combined with steam ovens: $1500-$4000 and above.

They are designed to maintain a moist cooking environment ensuring to conserve the natural aroma and taste of the food. They are ideal for cooking fish, vegetables, and grains.

These price ranges cover a variety of stoves and ovens along with a gist of their functions and features. Basic models offer necessary tasks at an affordable price, while high-end models come with advanced features, superior performances, and premium materials, which lead to higher prices.

In order to simplify your research, we have provided you with the best companies according to your price ranges.

Models Ranges Companies
Basic Models $300-$1000. GE Appliances
Mid-Range Models:    
  $800-$1500 Whirlpool
  $900-$1800 Kitchen Aid
High-end Models:    
  $3000-$15000+ Wolf
  $2500-$12000+ Viking
  $3000-$10000 Thermador


The expert team at Quality Design and Construction can be your sufficient partner in guiding you and helping you decide, which appliance would best suit your kitchen.

Additional Costs to Consider:

Besides the actual budget of the appliances, various factors add up to it.

  • Installation: the installation done by professionals can cost anywhere around $100 to $1000, depending on how complex modifications are needed. Additionally, while purchasing your new appliances, make sure to inquire about the brand regarding the installation process as a few companies offer free installation.
  • Delivery and Haul-Away: Delivery charges are always applicable whenever you purchase any heavy appliance that you can not carry by yourself, and it requires the company to deliver at your location. The charges may vary from $50- $200 depending on the distance between the retailer and your location.
  • Ventilation system: If you finally decide to install new appliances, you need to ensure a proper ventilation system to avoid any cooking odors filling your home or making it smoky. It can cost you around $200-$1500 depending on the size and style.
  • Electrical or Gas Line Upgrades: In case, you are upgrading your stove from electric to gas or any other, then you need to upgrade your electrical or gas lines so that your appliance can function brilliantly to cook the food you need. This can cost you several $100.

How long does a stove or oven last?

The lifespan of your trusty kitchen companions, your stove or oven, is a question that arises in minds to analyze whether the investment is worth it or not. On average, a well-maintained stove can live in your kitchen for about 12-15 years depending on factors such as usage, cleaning habits, and the excellence and guarantee of the appliance. However, if you vigilantly take care of your appliance, with proper timely repairs, and professional cleaning with ultimate guidance, some high-end models can serve up to 20 years or above. So, excitingly, you can rely on your stove or oven to be your dependable partner in the kitchen for many more years.

Enjoy Your Cooking and Baking Journey!

While purchasing any appliance, it is vital to ponder not only the initial purchase but also long-term costs, energy efficiency, appliance functionality, modern designs, and overall value. By analyzing the factors and requirements of your use and your specific budget, you can choose your cooking partner. As a trusted remodel service provider, Quality Design and Construction is ready to attend you to the perfect stove or oven for your kitchen.

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