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3 Ways to Craft a Kitchen Space That Defines Luxury

A modern kitchen space with wooden stools and a white countertop.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where the family gathers to share a meal, where you try out your culinary experiments, it’s a WFH space for when you’re munching on a snack, or where you entertain guests.

Since the kitchen space is the center of most everyday activities, it’s important to ensure that it exudes nothing but serenity. The hallmarks of the perfect kitchen space could include good lighting, maximized space and functionality, and optimal organization.

If you’re planning a quick kitchen remodeling project, our expert contractors are here to help. Here are three ways to craft a kitchen space that defines luxury, as recommended by our qualified contractors.

1. A Contemporary Kitchen Space

Nothing says luxury like a contemporary kitchen with marble floors, bold-colored cabinetry, kitschy art, and a mix of textures.

To achieve this modern look, consider a glamorous shade of gray everywhere. Rejuvenate your walls with a creamy white hue and indulge in gray marble accents. Opt for simple and minimalistic light fixtures like pendant lights to fill your kitchen space with light.

Terrazzo floors, Saarinen chairs, glossy artisan cabinetry, and Breccia Capraia marble focal points. You can even consider strategically adding pops of color to add some attitude to your brand-new space.

2. A Jolt of Color with Jewel Tones

Craft a swoon-worthy kitchen space by giving your kitchen walls a fresh coat of paint in neutral hues. Balance out this look with splashy jewel tones to inject a dose of personality into your space.

Emerald green tile backsplashes, black onyx countertops, amethyst-toned chandeliers, and cherry-red textiles would be divine additions. Maximize light and space by installing light fixtures or floor-to-ceiling windows. This will make a small-sized kitchen appear more spacious and fill it with light.

Adding chic and cozy rugs, parquet floors, and bold-hued tile splashes can also introduce a dramatic ethos.

3.  The Art Deco Design for an Urban Kitchen

A kitchen space with wooden floors and black cabinetry.

We recommend indulging in a scene-stealing black marble kitchen island for the art deco look. Add brass-colored accents throughout your kitchen space which will create a sharp contrast with the bold black color.

Accessorize with petite chandeliers, your favorite antique wooden furnishings, brass sconces, and wall upholstery in grass-cloth or linen. This will punctuate your space with some much-needed tactile texture and will look absolutely compelling against your hearty mix of accessories.

If you have more space, majolica stools, vibrant colored rugs, and mica pendant lights are perfect for making a statement.

Ready to transform your kitchen space into a soothing refuge?

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