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3 Different Types of Home Additions to Make Before the Holiday Season

a wooden desk placed next to a window.

Swoon-worthy décor, strikingly stunning lights, fall-focused ornaments, and traditional wreaths, the holiday season is all about sprucing up your interior spaces with lively new décor.

But deciding on décor is an overwhelming task. Apart from festive staple items and curating an autumnal color palette, home remodeling projects require upgrades with a personal touch to unlock unrestrained tranquility.

Here are a few types of home updates you need to make this holiday season.

1. A One-of-a-Kind Home Bar

One of the simplest ways to add coziness and untamed elegance to your living space is by adding a home bar. Consider adding splashes of color with custom cabinetry clad in hand-crafted tiles and stunning raffia paneling.

You can also try adding hints of your favorite color, like installing an onyx sink, painting the walls a beautiful petrol blue, and adding a hearty mix of your favorite accessories for adding character.

Gold cabinets, classical motifs, and pops of colors will make a sophisticated statement and make your home feel warmer and inviting.

2. Kitchen Cabinets for a Contemporary Sleek Space

white cabinetry in the kitchen.

Give your kitchen a much-needed refresh with custom cabinetry. Apart from the perfect lighting, creative backsplashes, and sleek kitchen islands, eye-popping kitchen cabinetry can make all the difference.

Opt for a refreshing hue like ultra-fresh emerald or something chic like tangerine, lemon yellow, or an opulent purple. These scene-stealing hues will keep the look organic and look effortlessly stunning.

New eye-catching cabinetry will also maximize space in the kitchen while amplifying your property value.

3. A Brand New Color-Saturated Bathroom Space

Bathroom remodeling is essential to crafting a space that is filled with gleaming, clean surfaces that exude modernity.

Start by upgrading the plumbing and electrical systems. You can then continue to install a new shower or bathtub and spruce things up by juxtaposing various sources of inspiration. We recommend adding mid century mirrors, high-contrast tiles, vibrant-hued accents, and breathable accessories. The right accessories and decor can really add a touch of luxury to any living space.

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